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 About MSC Ecolabel

MSC Certification
(Fisheries Certification, CoC Certification)

MSC: Marine Stewardship Council is an International Nonprofit Organization (NPO) founded in 1997, aiming for recovery of the World's decreasing Marine Resources. MSC is working to spread Sustainable Fishing through the Certification Systems.
Fisheries Certification and CoC Certification, and Ecolabels.

●Fisheries Certification:

Certification system for Sustainable and Suitably Controlled Fishing to utilize the Resources in the long term.

●CoC (Chain of Custody) Certification:

Certification System to secure Traceability of the Marine Products caught by Certified Fishing.

MSC Ecolabel

Certified Ecolabel granted for Natural Marine Products caught in accordance with the regulations of Catch Eddort Limit, Season and Fish Size based on consideration of Natural Reproduction and Growth Speed of Fish, Shellfish and Shrimp etc. observing strategies of the use of Fishing Gear avoiding By-Catch.


Marine Products with this label are caught by MSC Certified Sustainable Fishing.


Meiho Ippontsuri


Traditional Fishing “Pole and Line” as the core, we promote Sustainable Fishing and pioneer the Future of Fisheries

Skipjack and Tuna, essential for Japanese "Food Culture".
Creating a new form of Fishing Industry, to continue to utilize this Precious Resource in the next 50,100 years.
This is a major issue for companies engaged with Fish.
Meiho aims for Sustainable Fishing and with the background of Resource Friendly Traditional Fishing "Pole and Line", has acquired the MSC Fisheries Certification for Skipjack and the first in Japan for Albacore.
We have also acquired the CoC Certification and have been promoting to spread Eco Marine Products
caught by Pole and Line to the market.
We are gazing into the Future of Tohoku Region and the Fisheries Tomorrow from Shiogama Port.

※Offering products with MSC Ecolabel to the market.

Ipponduri Meiho


We supply the Supreme Fish from the World's Ocean with our Specialty Pole and Line and Environment Considered Purse Seine Fishing



To secure Quality Marine Products by ourselves. That is MEIHO's Philosophy.
We have 4 Far Seas Pole and Line Vessels (including Contract Vessel) and 2 Far Seas Purse Seiners.*
We realize the Stable Supply of the Raw Material Fish a the 6 Vessel System.
With our Specialty Fish Body Friendly and Environment Friendly Japanese Traditional "Pole and Line Fishing" we supply Selected High Quality Raw Fish Material, Skipjack and Albacore etc., from the World's Ocean chasing Fish Schools.

*Vessels are owned by the affiliated company Meiho Gyogyo Co., Ltd.

 Our Specialty 
 Pole and Line Fishing  

Meiho's Specialty is the Japanese Traditional Fishing Method.
Catching High Quality Skipjack and Tuna without damaging the fish Body, Preventing the Marine Resources Exhaustion and Realizing Sustainable Fishing.
We promote this "Pole and Line Fishing".

 Pursuit of   "Eco Purse Seine Fishing" 

Concerning Purse Seine Vessel Operation where Overfishing is concerned, we have thorough communication with the Fishing Master when in port to understand the actual conditions.
We aim for "Environment Friendly Purse Seine Fishing" with Appropriate Directions and Guidance.

 Instant Freezing   to Seal the Freshness 

The Fish is Instantly Frozen as soon as caught and the Fresh-Caught Freshness is sealed.
The Fish is Dry Frozen in the Ultra Low Temperature Dry Freezer and prevents Protein Enzymolysis, Lipid Oxidation, 
Microorganism Propagation and keeps the Fresh Color and the Original Taste.

 Pole and Line vessels

Meiho Maru No.22

Meiho Maru No.37

Shoki Maru No.35

Toyokuni Maru No.8 (Contract Vessel)

 Purse Seiners

Meiho Maru No.88

Shoki Maru No.36


Processing Technology & Newest Equipment to Seal the Deliciousness and the Freshness of the Raw Material Fish is Trusted



Meiho meets Demands from all over Japan with Fresh Tuna Sashimi Processing, Frozen Skipjack Fillet Processing and Skipjack Tataki (skin seared) Processing as the main Processing under Advanced Quality and Production Control.
We Stably Supply Reliable and Safe Processed Products.
Thorough Temperature and Sanitary Control throughout the whole process of the Processing Line.
We have been Highly Trusted with the Products Produced in the factory equipped with the Newest Equipment with the Freshness kept.

Keeping the Fresh-Caught Freshness to the End Product

​The Skipjack, Albacore and Yellowfin Tuna caught in the Pacific Ocean is Instantly Frozen onboard, stored in -50℃ Ultra Low Temperature and offloaded in Shiogama Port.
The Fish is promptly moved to the Ultra Low Temperature Cold Storage and stored and Products will be produced meeting the Customer's demands and will be delivered to various places.

Specialty Skipjack Tataki (skin seared)

The Charcoal seared Skipjack Tataki is seared using selected Charcoal from Iwate prefecture, seared at once with high heat and is a Specialty with crispy taste feature.
The Straw seared Skipjack Tataki is seared using Straw from Northern Miyagi Prefecture, is a Specialty full of company's original know-hows to keep the aroma evenly to each Fish block and has been very highly praised in the market.



Delivering Reliability with the Freshness Network connecting the Fishing Ground to the Consumers


4,500t Ultra Low Temperature
Keeping the Deliciousness with the Complete Storage System & Quality, Temperature Control

Advanced Quality Control through the Logistics Process connecting the Fishing Ground to the Consumers is required to deliver Fresh-Caught Deliciousness.
Meiho equips Ultra Low Temperature Storage for Quality Maintenance through the Logistics of Tuna and Skipjack.
The Storage is a 4,500t large capacity SF (Super Freezer) grade.
Securing enough capacity not only for the Company's Raw Material Fish and Processed Products but also for the Storage Demand of the Marine Products Processing Industry.

 Large Capacity (4,500t)

 World's Only On-Land Brine Freezing Unit  (75t)

Meiho owns the world's Only On-Land Brine Freezing Unit of this scale.
-20℃ High Speed Immersion Freezing is most suitable for maintaining High Freshness and the final form is kept well.

Ultra Low Temperature Cold Storage with the Largest Capacity in the Tohoku Region.
Our Head Office is in Shiogama City located in the center of Tohoku Region.
Therefore the Large Capacity Ultra Low Temperature Cold Storage is very useful Logistically.


With one of the strictest Quality and Sanitary Control System in the Industry,
we promise "Safe & Reliable"



For Companies supplying food, Safe and Reliable are one of the most important issues.
Meiho has a Quality Control Room permanently established and thoroughly controls "Quality", "Sanitary", "Temperature" and "Production" strictly throughout the whole stages of Material, Processing and Logistics.
We continue Food Production meeting the strict demands for Safety and Quality of Food Perfectly.




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